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The Chronicle of Unregistered Processes

In fantastical way the reality is permanently slipping out of any definitions. Despite all its banality, it is always incredibly broader than any contexts. Each narration is always only a version or a small part of what really has happened. In this permanent slipping out consists a magic of life and art.

«The Chronicle of Unregistered Processes» is not only a socio-ironical image of the reality – old women selling pop-corn, water-melon stalls etc., but also an attempt to fix a changeable stream of feelings, sensations, manias and a stream of confused and blended senses those are penetrating our contemporary life.

The devotion to real life, special attention to details are caused by the superfluity of the reality which is so filled with information, so heterogeneous, contradictory, tragicomic, absurd, militant and gentle, that usually there is no sense to increase the entropy by invention of something non-existent. However, the focus of author’s optics is aimed beyond the physical limits of things and people. So, the same careful attention both to Chinese vase and to a boot-lace breaks the usual charts of perception, restoring its wholeness.



  Afterparty. 2004. Все течет или Кристалльно Чистое. 2007. Холст, акрил, 40*50 см Внутренняя Азия. 2006. Холст, акрил, 40*30 см. Оазис. 2004. Холст, акрил, коллаж, 50*37 см НаВаждение. 2006. Холст, акрил, 40*50 см Мона-Стереа. 2007. Холст, акрил, 40*50 см Продавцы поп-корна или Телепортация. 2007. Холст, акрил, 50*60 см  
  Раша. Хроника Нерегистрируемых Событий. 2004. Холст, акрил, коллаж, 60*80 см Едоки Арбузов. 2007. Холст, акрил, 40*50 см Вэйтинг фор зе саммер. 2006. Холст, акрил, 60*50 см Нечто иное. 2007. Холст, акрил, 40*80 см