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NOW: Mila Arbuzovas THE CHRONICLE OF UNREGISTERED PROCESSES-2 takes place at the ARTMUZA creative cluster.
Addresse: 4th Floor, 70 Line 13th Line, Vasilievsky Island, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Working Hours: 11.00-20.00

Till 28th May

Mila Arbuzova spent her childhood in the downtown of Saint Petersburg. Her family lived in a block of flats in Grazhdanskaya Street where, according to Dostoevskys famous novel Crime and Punishment, the old female moneylender killed by Rodion Raskolnikov used to live. In Soviet times guides often showed foreigners the place where the legendary murder occurred. Maybe this location of the native house made an influence on the future artist. The art work of Mila Arbuzova is essentially Saint-Petersburgs: lyrical, strict, sometimes - tragicomocal, philosophical, serious and absurdist in the same moment. It includes a wide range of subjects: the sarcastic sketches in the spirit of "social art" as well as the magical fantastic pictures together with free compositions combining parts of realistic images in a surrealistic manner.

Contemporary Russian Art despite its visual diversity tends to simplify so that its painting mainstream is becoming more and more schematic and conditional due to both accelerated tempo of modern life along with its formalization and current art market conjuncture. In contrast to this tendency works of many Russian artists tend to re-establish classical painting culture as independent elitist art form which can be appreciated only by the narrow circle of fans and art hedonists of special kind. Mila Arbuzovas paintings combine the realistic paintings techniques (including attention to details, subtle color nuances, harmonious composition solutions) with actual social issues, absurd sense of humor and lyricism. All these features traditionally characterize art of St. Petersburg. In Milas paintings and graphics the principles of both figurative and abstract art are incarnated. Abstraction, however, does not play a merely decorative role: you can be sure that it is integrated into the plot.

All Arbuzovas work deal with a few major themes:


The Chronicle of Unregistered Processes

Sunny Days


Political art Sport, dance Love stories Magic Landscapes  
  The Inner Asia. 2007. Canvas, acryl, 30*40 sm Sunny Days. 2009. Canvas, acryl, 50*60 sm Slavyanofilia. 2011. Canvas, acryl. 50*45 sm Saakashvili The Last Tango. 2011. Canvas, acryl. 80*60sm The Loneliness without a net. 2011. Canvas, acryl. 80*60 sm Fullmoon party. 2010. Canvas, acryl. 100*100 sm. Something different. 2007. Canvas, acryl, 40*80 sm
  Afterparty. 2004. The Pyramid. 2007. Canvas, acryl, 38*46 sm Bullfinches and Snowdrops. 2011. Canvas, acryl, 60*80 sm Facebook,internet,men,women,intercourse Tango. 2009. Canvas, acryl, 80*110 sm The Male Friendship. 2010. Canvas, acryl. 70*70 sm Fishes-girls. 2010. Canvas, acryl, 70*80 sm Indian Siesta. 2007. Canvas, acryl. 60*80 sm
  . 2006. , , 40*50 The Beach. 2010/ Canvas, acryl. 90*110 sm One Love. 2012. Canvas, acryl. 90*70 sm Peace to the world! 2011. Cnvas, acryl. 80*60 sm Superwoman. 2010. Canvas, acryl, 90*90 sm (rhomb)  . 1994. , . 50*60 Ultra. Night Landscape. 2009. Canvas, acryl 50*70 sm
  The crystall-clear (consciousness). 2007. Canvas, acryl, 40*50 sm Super Kolya. 2014. Canvas, acryl. 5-*60 sm Vkontakte. 2010. Canvas, acryl. 80*60 sm The Holy Trinity. 2010. Canvas, acryl. 60*80 sm The good hit. Diptych. 2012-13. Canvas, acryl. 70*90 sm, 30*30 sm The Great Transition. 2009. Canvas, acryl, rondo, radius 35 sm Pop-corn sellers. 2007. Acryl, canvas, 50*60 sm Roofs. Dzukovsky street, Saint-Petersburg. Canvas, acryl. 50*45 sm
  Russia. The Chronicle of Unregistered Prozesses. 2004. Canvas, acryl, collage, 60*80 sm Openairea. 1994. Paper, water-colors, 40*50 sm The dissolution of the gay-parade in Moskow in 2013. 2011. Canvas, acryl. 80*60 sm Oasis. 2004. Canvas, acryl. 50*37 sm Woman_In_Love. 2009. Acryl, canvas, 80*60 sm The roofs. Gzukovsky street, Saint-Petersburg. 1994. Canvas, acryl, 55*40 sm
  All you need is love. 2009. , , 60*50 Hello Martinich! 2014. Canvas, acryl. 60*50 sm Demonstration. 2011. Canvas, acryl. 80*60 sm House-Tormentor. 2013. Canvas, acryl. 105*70 sm Mona-Sterea. 2007. Acryl, canvas, 40*50 sm Amsterdam. 1995. Orgalit, acryl. 50*60 sm
  Waiting for the Sommer. 2006. Canvas, acryl, 60*50 sm Good policeman. 2014. Canvas, acryl. 70*55 sm Protest Mood. 2011. Canvas, acryl. 50*45 sm Big rose peon. 2014. Canvas, acryl. 90*100 sm
  The Devourers of water-melones. 2007. Acryl, canvas, 40*50 sm Someone from the Main Police Service. 2014. Canvas, acryl. 70*55 sm Protest_mood2. 2011. Canvas, acryl. 50*45 sm Small peon. 2013. Canvas, acryl. 70*80 sm
  Interpassivity. 2014. Canvas, acryl. 85*105 sm
    After reviewing the portfolio, you can buy paintings, order the copies of favorite works, as well as the portraits of your relatives which could be made using the photographs. It is also possible to create free figurative compositions, including portraits of your loved ones. Such painting is a fun, delicious and innovative gift for a holiday.
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